Why Excel Sheets are NOT meant for Quotations?

You don’t use Paint to edit pictures (anymore!) because there is Photoshop. You don’t use Notepad (hopefully!) to write stories because there is MS Word. You don’t use pagers to leave an urgent message (those old days!) because there is a mobile phone. Then why use MS Excel for your quotations when there is Hisabing? Evolution is the law of life (thanks to Darwin!) and innovation is the way of technology (thanks to Jobs?). Let us take a look at the reasons why Excel Sheets are NOT meant for Quotations.

Additions & Editions

Constant price fluctuations need to be upgraded in your invoice. This is a bit tiresome when using Excel. So, edit your invoice and update the prices with ease because Hisabing maintains a clear record. You could well go ahead and approach a new client with the time you save, when using Hisabing! The app makes your calculations easy (yeah, no more typing those formulas!). It’s time to subtract these troubles of additions and editions and use Hisabing!

Inconvenient & Immobile

As if typing and editing wasn’t enough, you still got to convert your Excel file to PDF format, which, truth be told, is inconvenient. Hisabing takes no account of this unnecessary step, thus reducing your work. With this efficient app, draft your quotations on the move, without hassle of any formatting. Whichever Operating System you got on your phone, be it Android or Windows; Hisabing accords you mobility. So, when it comes to quotations, do your business on the move. Anywhere, anytime, any day (or night!).

Missing Pricing Records – Where to file the report?

“Mr. Iyer, last time you quoted X and this time Y; why this inconsistency?” We all know that some unintentional difference in pricing can be fatal for a business deal. So, get Hisabing and keep a tab on the prices. Not only the pricing, but also remember the details of your valued customers with Hisabing. Say goodbye to thoughts like: What quotation? How many? Which ones? Got no idea; and instead, keep a track of all the quotations you sent by using Hisabing. This record will be there in your mails as well as your text box. Yes, you read that right – real-time SMSes are sent for your convenience.

When you put so much effort in every aspect of your business, there’s no need to over look Invoicing. Make an indelible positive impression in your client’s mind, by creating invoices with Hisabing, because it is all about Invoicing done (the) right (way)!

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