Hisabing is a SAAS based tool to help businesses get structured. After years of seeing several businesses struggle to keep their sales workflow intact, after facing several such issues ourselves (at Siam Computing) , we decided to scratch our own itch and build a solution ourselves.

Hisabing is a product out of all those miserable times when those little things get to you, like when you just cant get the price you quoted a few months ago, or, when you need to send out an invoice while you are out and about, or, when you need to know whats your cash flow at the end of the month or who owes you how much and since when. All those little things needed taken care of and we have decided to take the onus upon us.

We are in this for the small guy, we believe that in this flat world, everyone should get a level playing field. Which is why, invoicing and quotations will always be free . No ads . Just Free .

We embarked on this journey not knowing its final destination, as more and more users see the benefits of getting organized, we hope to continue building tools that add value to your business and invite you to invest in your own business through these tools.

Its an exiting road ahead and we hope to continue to  have you onboard as this story unfolds.


Team Hisabing

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