Business Tip #1 (3)

Aim for customer satisfaction : An organisation’s most effective salesperson are its customers. A satisfied customer who talks enthusiastically to friends and acquaintances generates new business. Many successful restaurants, for example, rely entirely on word-of-mouth recommendations. A successful sale has three winners: the salesperson who made the sale, the customer who receives the benefits of the product or service purchased, and the selling organisation, which gains both sales revenue and a satisfied customer. Selling creates a personal relationship between the salesperson and a customer. An effective sales relationship involves taking orders for products that satisfy or delight your customers.

Create Relationships: Making repeat sales to an existing customer is usually quicker and cheaper than finding a new prospect and securing the first sale – so repeat sales are also more profitable. It is based on mutual confidence: customers reveal information about their needs and wants, or their company’s problems and opportunities. In return, the salesperson maintains confidentiality and helps the customer to buy products that meet those requirements. You can build relationships by concentrating on providing your customers with solutions that produce real benefits.

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