When we started our HISABING journey in November of 2013, our goal was simple – To build a tool that helps businesses leverage all the possibilities of modern technology. A good 17 months later and with over 350 users on board, we are overwhelmed by the response. It makes us proud to know that so many of you have embedded us in your businesses and we are thoroughly grateful for the trust placed in us.

Having said that, we are happy to announce the first ever version of


Prompt SMS Updates
Every time a quotation or invoice is created, auto triggered SMS  are sent to both the user and the customer informing each about who it is sent to in the former case, and who it is from, in the latter . This keeps both the parties posted about the transaction activity.

Payment Tracking

This feature facilitates the user to monitor and keep track of all the payments received, systematically enlisted , under each invoice. This aids the user to keep abreast of all remittances at any given time.

Auto Payment Reminder
Each time an invoice is sent to the customer, an automated payment reminder mail from HISABING is sent along with it based on the payment terms set in the invoice. This mail enlists all the pending payment invoices pertaining to that particular customer. Keeping tabs on payments was never easier!

Auto Saving to Drafts
This feature is a particularly useful one. When an invoice/ quotation creation is left midway due to interruption, it gets auto saved in the draft section. This allows the user to resume creating it whenever he wants.

Feature to Attach Files
This feature enables the user to attach documents or pictures along with each invoice/ quotation , if need be, before mailing it to the customer.

This is a separate module provided to the user, to track his daily expenses. This module facilitates segregation of expenses according to categories and the vendors that they are targeted towards.

Weekly Email Summary
Every week, the user gets a mail, showcasing all the activity done during that particular week. This, along with an attached PDF file with consolidated information on payments, invoice creation dates, etc. in brief, enables the user to be well informed and up to date.

Export File to Excel

This feature allows the user to export an invoice/ quotation to an excel sheet, when sending it to the customer. The details are automatically arranged and aligned , saving effort and time.

Pricing – ₹ 3650 per year

How does it change things

Nothing much really, as our beta customers you will continue to have the plus features for an additional 30 days.
Even after that, however, the basic features of invoicing and quotation management will continue to be free whereas some of the features will be available on an upgrade.

The Future

The road ahead is exciting, we already have some things up our sleeves. Towards the end of May, we are planning  to launch  industry specific modules for the trader industry. Some of the exciting new features we are looking at are – Inventory Management, Managing  Purchases , Vendors, Enquiries, Email Blast , Tally Sync and more, all within the  simple and intuitive framework of HISABING that you guys are familiar with.

We look forward to your continued patronage while we passionately deliver the best in technology for you.

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