5 Tips to Increase Productivity in Office

No matter how your office functions, there are always ways to improve upon the processes to achieve enhanced productivity. There are two ways to achieve higher productivity. Work longer or work smarter, and in this fast paced world, time is money and we are acutely aware, how important it is to choose the latter option. Question is…how do we go about working smarter to increase productivity and efficiency? Well…Here are a few practical measures your business can take to boost productivity.

The right workspaces can greatly influence and increase employee productivity. Some employees prefer an open floor system;others prefer a closed cubicle ambience. For some bright colors do the thing, and yet for some subdued tones are preferred. Ideally try tweaking your office design while carefully incorporating both models so as to efficiently cater to employee needs. Your employees spend a major part of their day at work. Make sure the office furniture is comfortable and lighting sufficient. Happy people are productive people.

The capabilities and skills of your office staff and the application of their know- how to their daily job, are key to productivity growth. Highly skilled workers are more creative when it comes to finding new solutions and seldom find it difficult to adapt quickly to new technologies. They also are capable of more responsibility, require less supervision and are better communicators. Hiring skilled workforce and investing in training the existing ones goes a long way in improving productivity.

Some of the simplest tasks can consume a big chunk of your entire day. Adopting new technologies can change everything we thought we knew about working, sharing, monitoring, accounting and protecting our computer systems. One such wonder filled technology to have captured the fantasies of businesses all over is CLOUD. Cloud computing takes the hassle out of sharing, storing, collaborating and retrieving. It helps your workforce to break out of the confines of 4 walls and take business on the road, offering remote access and doing unimaginable variety of functions. Find out all about the latest technologies that suit your need and you will be amazed to know how investing in good technology can do wonders in saving time, upping efficiency and boosting productivity of your business.

Every employee loves to feel that he has the ears of the management. Efficient display of interpersonal skills by management helps employees warm up and experience joy in working. As management, you have to recognize the unique attributes of your staff, show interest in giving encouragement by giving additional learning opportunities and rewarding good performances. Keep them motivated by adopting innovative ways. Small gestures make a big difference. When your employees will feel that they are wanted and appreciated, they will put in more effort making your business a winner.

Avoid holding frequent meetings. Study shows not much is gained and in fact precious time is lost holding numerous periodic meetings. Instead hold minimal meetings, but with thorough preparation. Prepare a checklist prior to the meeting and stick to it without wandering off. Constructively plan the meeting to the last detail and invite only attendees that can contribute to the discussion positively. This will ensure that the meeting achieves what it aims and help save time in the process.

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